AG Injector Apk Download For Android [Unlock 2022 ML Skins]

AG Injector Apk has been now launched for ML fans to unlock all their favorite skins and characters. This is really an amazing hacking application for unlocking desired heroes for yourself. If you can get all those for free, then why are you wasting your money.

You can get this application from so many websites. But I recommend you to avoid such apps because most of those are quite risky and fake. Because they are third-party apps that cannot be trusted at all. So, get the original and working Aneh Gaming Injector Apk from this post.

Right on this website, you get a chance to download exciting games and their mods. Moreover, we share cheats and hacking apps like this one. So, this application is also one of the best hacks for ML gaming apps on Android mobile phones.

Overview of AG Injector

AG Injector Apk is the package file or extension that allows you to inject mobile legends skins for free. In simple words, it unlocks all the premium skins and characters in MLBB.

Moreover, this Injector Application does not ask you to perform a complicated process neither you need scripts for that. Because all the options are already available there and you only need to inject those by selecting the desired one.

There are so many kinds of skins in the Mobile Legends game and most of them are paid. That is why most of the players cannot experience those.

But we have made it simple and free through Aneh Gaming Injector. Because this is going to unlock every hero and his looks one by one. However, you cannot reveal all those at once so, try them one by one.

If you love to stream mobile games, then you probably going to love this application. Because it allows you to attract more audiences or subscribers by showing them fully unlocked gaming features.

Further, you don’t need to go through a difficult usage process for that. However, still, I will try to make its usage simpler for you in the next paragraph.

Basically, this App was found on the ApkShelf website for the first time. So all the credits of AG Injector go to this site.

AG Injector Apk Infographics

NameAG Injector
Package Namecom.aneh.gaming
DeveloperAneh Gaming
Size5.01 MB
CategoryGame Hacking
Required Android4.4 and Above

What is Mobile Legends or ML?

If you don’t know about this most famous game ML, then you don’t need to get AG Injector Apk. Because this application is all about that mega gaming app. I have already explained for what purposes you can use AG Injector.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a full name of ML which is one of the most famous Android games. It is an action-based app where players are supposed to team up against enemies.

It offers 5vs5 gameplay where you need four more players to make a team. Furthermore, it is an online gaming app where you face real players from all over the world.

When you enter the game you face enemies controlled by real players from all over the world. So, you need to be more careful and don’t take your opponents easily. There are different kinds of weapons and techniques to utilize in order to conquer your enemies.

The gameplay is quite interesting as it is based on a series of battles. Moreover, you are competing with the toughest heroes who are ready to crush you with their powerful weapons.

However, this gaming application is free but offers premium features. So, there are some ML Skins which are paid and you need to invest some money for your own entertainment.

But if you don’t want to pay money, then download AG Injector Apk for your Android mobiles. Because you get even extra Skin looks for your characters.

How to Use Aneh Gaming Injector Apk?

In order to use AG Injector, you need to download and install its package file which is available here on this page. Thereafter, launch it on your phones and click on the list or menu.

There is a huge list of Epic Legend Skins so, you are supposed to select anyone from that. Then it will start injecting it into the official game.

However, you must make sure that you already have installed the official game on your Android devices. Otherwise, it will not work and it will be useless to download from this post.

Further, all the ML Skins are given with their own official images. So, you can easily identify those to select.

How to Download AG Injector Apk for Android Phones?

This is a hacking tool or app that is restricted to the official app store. So, you are not going to get the app easily on the internet or in the Play Store. However, there are some third-party websites providing the app which is quite risky for your phones.

Therefore, I recommend you download the official and original version of the app from this post. Because we have provided the latest version of the app which works perfectly and it is 100% original.

So, get to the end of this article and tap on the download link. After that, you will be able to install the Apk on your phones.

How to Install AG Injector Apk on Android Mobiles?

The installation process is quite tricky for third-party apps. That is the reason I have added this section to the article. So, if you have downloaded the Apk file, then go to the security settings of your devices.

There you will get an option of Unknown Sources. So, you need to enable that option in order to allow third-party Apk files to install on your phones.

Thereafter, you can simply go to File Explorer and navigate the file that you have downloaded from this post. Tap on that file and select or click on the install option.

It will take up to 5 or 10 seconds to complete the installation process. So, wait for the completion of the process.

Key Features

There are basically specific features AG Injector offers to its users. However, there are some more points which admire and mention them here.

So, I have written a few points about the app that explains the whole idea of this application. I hope these points will help you to understand whether it is worthy of installing on your phones or not. 

  • This application is free and there are no hidden charges or premium features.
  • It provides you with a unique but simple and user-friendly interface.
  • You can use it without any kind of knowledge or experience.
  • It allows you to unlock all the ML or Mobile Legends Skins.
  • And many more to avail.

List of Unlocked ML Skins

There are tons of skins and characters that you can unlock through AG Injector. But I have mentioned a few of the important ones. So, you can explore more when you will use it on your phones. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the app and install it on your phones.

  • Bane
  • Count Dracula
  • Rafaela
  • Flower Fairy
  • Yun Zhao
  • Dark Knight
  • Best DJ
  • Bruno
  • Clint
  • Guns and Roses
  • Layla
  • Cannon Roses
  • Wasteland Butcher
  • Franco
  • Epic Legends

Keep this in your mind that these are paid and you don’t get them for free until and unless you pay some diamonds for those. Further, ML diamonds are paid resources which are again quite expensive.

Is it Legal?

As I have mentioned that this application is restricted in the Play Store which is the official app store for Android mobile phones. Because there is one major reason for that that AG Injector Apk is intentionally designed for hacking purposes.

So, hacking apps are illegal and cannot be encouraged by any means. However, the usage of such apps is quite common. Moreover, there is no issue for users except developers.

Nevertheless, this cannot justify its legitimacy. So, it is considered as one of the illegal tools that can be used for unlocking premium features in the game.

Is it Safe?

The two main points that matter for any user is the legitimacy and safety of any application. Basically, both are interlinked directly or indirectly.

Because if any app is illegal then there is no guarantee whether that is safe or not. Similarly, if an app is considered not safe then probably there are some legitimacy issues with that. 

But to be very honest we cannot guarantee whether AG Injector Apk is safe or not. Nevertheless, there are millions of users installed and used this tool. So, they have never complained about any such issue. So, you can use it without any kind of hesitation.

Does It Will Banned My Account?

These kinds of tools are strictly prohibited by the game owners. Therefore, when they detect such activities, they suspend the gaming accounts of such users. So, there is a huge risk of account banning. That is why I recommend users to avoid frequent usage of these tools.

Even if you want to use it, then try this for fake and guest accounts. Otherwise, it will be inanity to use this app on original accounts. I just want to let you know that sometimes it is also known as AJ Injector Apk.

Does AG Injector Works Really?

This is the common question users ask when they try to install any such app. Honestly, we test every app before sharing a review or its Apk file here on this website.

So, we have also tried the app on our phones while injected some skins into our gaming accounts in Mobile Legends. The results were impressive and we guarantee that this works perfectly.

However, we are not sure that on which devices it does work and on which it does not. But this application is a light-weighted and intended for even low-end devices. But it also depends on the game if have installed it on your phones, then it will also work for you.


How to Remove Skin from ML After Unlocking?

There are very rare cases when people have tried to reverse their decision. But I am not sure whether you can remove that or not. However, you can uninstall this application and clear the cache to remove that skin.

But still, I am not sure whether that technique will help you or not. Because the game automatically stores the progress into your gaming account.

However, there is no any kind of permanent and genuine solution for that problem. But you can try to create a new account where you may lose all your achievements. So, it is all up to you what you prefer and what you not.

Basic Requirements

To run any application or to install it on your phones, you need to have some requisites. If you don’t meet these requirements then you cannot install it on your phones. Even if you install it, but it does not work properly.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your device meets those requisites. So, to install AG Injector Apk, you need to have the following requirements below.

  • You must install Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game App on your phones.
  • It requires Android 4.2 or above version devices.
  • Your device must have a RAM capacity of 1GB or even more than that recommended.
  • A stable and faster internet connection is recommended for better performance.
  • It takes about 5 to 10 MB Space on your device’s storage.
What’s New?

We have provided the latest version of the app right on this page. So, you are about to download the newly updated application for your phones.

However, here are some major updates brought by the developers for their fans. I have listed those new updates here in this section. So, you can check out those points here below.

  • Some reported Errors have been removed from the app.
  • Bugs have been fixed complained by the users.
  • Performance has been improved.
  • New characters are added to the app.


The major purpose of this article to educate and entertain our readers at the same time. So, this application is really helpful for the users who don’t have so much money for buying ML Skins.

But this application is illegal and I cannot give you any kind of guarantee whether it is safe for you or not. However, you can Download AG Injector Apk latest version for your Android mobile phones now.

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