Top 3 Apps That Allow you to Unlock All Free Fire Skins

If you are looking to unlock the latest Garena Free Fire skins then you should take help from today’s guide. We will be providing information about the apps that will Allow You to Unlock All Free Fire Skins. Now there are a number of methods though you can get easy access and we will be sharing some of them.

If you are a regular player of FF then you would know that the developers keep offering new skins in new updates. Now every skin looks very attractive and players desire to use these for their characters. Now Accessing these is just not possible for every player because they require premium unlocking and we will sharing free methods of unlocking today.

What are Apps that Allow you to Unlock All Free Fire Skins?

 Apps that Allow You to Unlock All Free Fire Skins are available in bulk on the internet but finding the best ones out of them is quite a hard job. Now you don’t have to worry about it because today we will help you in finding the best tools that will help you in unlocking all of the premium skins without making any kind of payments.

Garena Free Fire is currently amongst the most played Battle Royale games and it has gained immense popularity around the world. The gameplay is offering you a ton of features and services. You can easily start after downloading it from credible platforms.  The gameplay is offering you endless fun and challenges on your way.

Now every player is looking forward to using the latest and premium Skins. The most simple and legal way of unlocking the skins is by buying them. You can buy the diamonds and then shop for the latest skin you want to use. This procedure is very simple and accurate but you have to spend an amount here and that might be hard for many players.

So that is a reason why the players start looking for alternatives that help the users in getting the desired costumes free of cost. So we will be providing information about three applications that will help you in getting the skins without having to spend any amount. You just have to choose the best alternative that works for you.

Free Apps to Unlock All Free Fire Skins

As we have mentioned that you can find tons of similar tools on the internet and mostly every app claims to provide the facilities. So we have chosen the three best apps out of the many and these applications will be providing the best services and features. Each app will provide different services and features. Here are the apps for you:

Tool SkinĀ 

Took Skin for Android is a very unique and amazing tool for unlocking all of the desired skins. You just have to look for the skin you want. You can unlock the latest costumes for characters and the developers are providing you the newest additions in the official gameplay. The services are guaranteed to work and free as well.

This application is offering you the latest skin of all the weapons, vehicles, bags, Parachutes, and more. One of the amazing features is that you can even change the background look of the lobby. There are multiple themes available for usage.


This tool is only offering you the latest character skins and you can easily unlock any costume you like. There is a simple usage procedure you have to follow for accessing the main interface. You have to download the resources for the application and then launch the application from the given button in the application.

The app does not require any kind of purchase and you can unlock anything you want for free. The users are not required to provide their FF account details. So this application can be a good option for the users.


Now LuluBox is not actually meant for FF like the two apps given above. This tool can be used to hack multiple games and you can hack the Garena Free Fire using this tool. Now like the other two apps, it does not provide the skin directly. It will help you in getting free diamonds and you can get as many you like or want.

Once you have transferred the free diamonds to your account, then you can easily unlock your desired customers. You can also buy all of the premium features and items using those diamonds. So hacking applications can turn out very useful and you should give it a try.

These are the top 3 that will help you in unlocking any skin you like and there will no scams here. The services of all 3 apps are completely legit. Now all of these are third-party apps and these applications do not have any kind of affiliation with the official gameplay.  We also do not have any affiliation, we are providing you the information.

You should be aware that the usage of these tools can lead to a permanent account ban. The usage of these is completely illegal and you have to careful when you are using these. If you take proper caution then you will not face issues but we cannot personally guarantee anything.

Final Words      

Now you can start unlocking the desired skins using any of the above-mentioned tools. This is going to be an amazing experience, you just have to take care of your account being banned. If you are looking forward to more guides like this or if you want to download the latest Apks for games and apps, then you should keep visiting the site.

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