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The fans of  PUBG Mobile in India are eagerly waiting for the game to relaunch. Now there has been much news regarding the launch but turned true. Today we are here with yet another news in the name of Battleground Mobile India Apk. This version is will be launched in India after some time.

There have been different types of news after the ban and the fans only got disappointment. Now the PUBG Mobile will be launched as Battleground Mobile and this version will be only launched for the Indian players. It is developed according to the demands of the government and the chances are high that the government will allow this game to launch.

What is Battleground Mobile India Apk?

Battleground Mobile India Apk is the latest version of PUBGM which is only developed for the Indian players. Most of our readers will know the reason behind the ban of this game but there may be many players who do not know the reason. Here you will be able to know the Banning reason and everything about the gameplay.

It is all over the internet that the Government of India had banned Chinese apps and games after the clash with China. This list of Banned apps and games included PUBG because the game is developed by a Chinese company called Tencent and it is a very game-developer company. This is the main reason behind the ban.

Now the PUBG coronation has tried various techniques to start it again. After many tries, the company has decided to change the developer company for India only. Now the Battleground Mobile India Official is developed by a South Korean game developer company called Krafton. This decision can turn to become good news for the fans.

The game is ready to be launched again with some additional features for the fans. The Corporation is waiting for the decision that is to be taken by the government. There is a high chance this time that it will get a green signal because the developers have tried their best to resolve all of the issues the gov.t had. This time there won’t be any security concerns. 

Now the official gameplay offers a number of in-game events according to the real events like Halloween, Christmas, and many more. The Battleground Mobile India Android will also have events but the event will be given according to the event celebrated in India. This is going to be a delight for the Fan of gameplay.

The Graphics quality is going to be the same and this version may have much-improved graphics. Other features like In-game chatting and Talking will be there. All of the settings will be the exact same and you will be able to get the controls customizations settings. There is so much for you to enjoy with an improved interface.

The official Battleground Mobile India Release date is not out yet. The Cooperation has not made any press releases yet but there is a huge chance that the game will be out somewhere at the end of May. This is not the official news but you will be able to get the games from here as soon as it is out from here.

If you are in a different country other then India then you can easily enjoy the official versions like PUBG 1.3 Apk and the PUBG 1.2 Beta Apk. Both of these versions can be played without any restrictions anywhere other then India.


How to Download the Apk?

The official Battleground Mobile India Download is not available yet anywhere. You have to wait until the company announces the release. The Downloading from here is going to be very easy and instant. You will get multiple Download buttons and you have to just tap once on any one of those.

Tapping on the button will start the automatic downloading of your file. You have to wait for some seconds as the processor prepares the file. The downloading is going to be easy but you have to wait until it is available.

Key Features

  • Free to play.
  • Free Downloading.
  • Contains In-payments for premium features.
  • Enjoy using the amazing Skins for the character.
  • High-end graphics and improved Maps.
  • Smoother controls and control Customization.
  • Game developed for only Indian players.
  • Contains in-game events for Indian users.
  • Improved interface and smooth experience.
  • No third-party Advertisements.
  • Enjoy the same gaming excitement with the Indian version.
  • Much more…
Final Words

Now we have mentioned this multiple times in the above paragraphs that the Battleground Mobile India Apk download is not available yet. You can try the PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Apk until this version comes out. You will be able to get it from the given download links easily.

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