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Hi everyone! we are here with an application that is going to be very useful for artistic people and the people who like to do animations. The app is called the Blender Player and it is free software that is used to design different animated pictures or cartoons. This software is recently launched for Android phone users.

It was initially meant for only the PC users and the application was very and most of the professional animators or cartoonists used and they were completed satisfied by the services and features it had.

Now the aneroid `users, who like to do the work professionally should try this apk version because they won’t face issues in using it. The overall layout of the application is a bit doggy but the professional artists can easily get used to it.

If you want the complete details about this app then you have to read the complete article because we have given the complete details about it and you will easily understand the usage. It is known to be doggy because there are multiple buttons given in it and it gets hard to understand the usage of all the options.


Blender Player Apk is a free tool as I said and you don’t have to go through any kind of registration or signup process. The tool is offering you the best 3D designing features for your kind of project. As you know that the animation industry is currently the most valuable industry in the world and people are earning well.

There are many people who want to make a career out it but the main problem is that they do not have the required tools for that. This app is going to help you in making the best animations and 3D images.

It is offering a tool known as transformation tool and by using this, you can scale your object to any position you wish and also rotate it as well move around anywhere.

After that, you get an option known as the spin duplicate and this will help you make multiple duplicates of the object in a position you wish. You just have to create a spin circle and start spinning the object. After that, you can move around the objects anywhere and create space among them.

You get a extrude to cursor option where you can select one side of the object and you will able to stretch the object from that one side.  You have to select one side first and then start moving the thing around.

All of the options are easily available on the left side of the screen and you can select from there. you get many more options to select and you have to spend a little time for getting an idea of overall options and their works. So keep experimenting and you will become a pro.

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App Details

NameBlender Player
Android Required2.3 and Above

Key Features

  • Great graphics.
  • High-Quality imaging.
  • Smoothing Tool.
  • The easiest way to create 3D models.
  • Enhanced version.
  • Comparable to the PC version.
  • No advertisements.
  • Text Animations.
  • Change the shape of the objects.


How to Download the Blender Player App?

The apk file is available for download at our site and you just have to tap on the download button once. Your downloading will automatically start after 5 to 10 seconds because the server normally takes that much time to prepare the file.

For installing the apk file you have to grant access for installation from unknown sources from your phone settings>security settings. Now simply locate the downloaded file and start the installation process.

How to Use?

The application needs an additional file and that is also available at our site, next to the apk file. Once you download both files and install the apk, you have to convert the zip to .blender. now start the app and it will ask for the file and you simply have to upload the file there. Your tool will be ready to use now.


If you are an animator or a cartoonist and looking for free but useful software, then you should try the  BlenderPlayer once.

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