Doctor Wins App Apk Free Download for Android[Updated]

We have shared a number of applications that help in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. These applications benefit specific countries and today we are here with an application that is going to help in preventing the spread in Thailand. The application is called the Doctor Wins App.

It is an official platform offered by the Thai Government. This platform can be used by medical personnel and the general public. We have said in the previous articles as well that these types of apps are only going to help when everyone uses them.

The application completely relies on the amount of data that is shared. If the shared data is vast then only the authorities will be able to take proper actions. It is also very important that users share the correct information because the wrong information can lead unwanted to consequences. 

As the platform is offered by the Digital Government Development Agency, Thailand, is it is going to be completely free to use and there will no in-app purchases required as well. Furthermore, information is shared in the next section.


Doctor wins Apk is a free platform for android device users that is going to help the users in identifying themselves as low risk or high risk for others after filling the series of questionnaires. It does not any long procedure registration,  you just have to give some of the permissions to the app for your better assistance.

The users will get two languages which are Thai and English. You can choose the one which is comfortable for you. The application is specially developed for Thailand but it can be used globally because it is not country restricted. You won’t be able to enjoy all of the MorChana app features but still, you can assess your status.

When you first start the application is going to ask you your language preference and after that, you have to upload a profile picture which is mandatory. Now you have to allow some permissions for the Doctor wins For Android as I mention above.

You have to provide GPS tracking permission, this will be used to keep the track of the places you have been to during the day. After this, you have to allow permission to enable Bluetooth and this feature will be used to identify the devices around you and you will get notified if a person around is affected.

Now you have to fill out the questionnaire after some days to keep it updated. You will get a QR code which will be scanned in public places to know your status. Now there will be an option of scanning the QR codes of others in the app as well.

You can use that to scan the people around you. there will be pasted QR codes in the public places and you can easily scan those to know about the history of that place, you will be able to know whether an affected person has been there or not through the morchana doctor wins.

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App Details

NameDoctor Wins
Size45.98 MB
DeveloperDigital Government Development Agency, Thailand
Android Required5.0 and Higher
CategoryApps/Health & Fitness

Key Features of MorChana App    

  •  Free to Download and use.
  • Official app by the government.
  • Requires special permissions.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Multiple Languages.
  • No Ads.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Real-time tracking with GPS.
  • Keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

There are so many more features in the app that you can use.


How to Download the Doctor Wins App?

The Apk file for this app is available here on our site and you just have to follow some simple steps for downloading. You have to go to the download button and tap once on it.

Once you have tapped, you have to wait for 5 to 10 seconds because the processor is preparing your file. After that, your downloading will automatically start.

If you download the Apk file then you have to first go to your phone settings and allow installations from unknown sources for starting your installation. It is also available at the Google play store if you want to directly install it.


If you want to keep the lives of everyone around you safe then you have to help in stopping the spread of covid. You can play an important in preventing spread just by downloading the Doctor Wins App and providing the correct information about our current health.

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