Flasherwarez Apk Download For Android [Working in 2022]

Having a problem with access to your android device because of forgetting your Gmail or password? Then we have brought an app called Flasherwarez which will help you to do FRP Bypass on Android mobile phones.

It is an app that removes your existing account and offers you to enter a new account on your device. It is a simple app that offers you to bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection).

You need to know, how to bypass factory reset protection. To do this you need to know about Flasherwarez Apk.

Overview of Flasherwarez

Before, starting details about Flasherwarez Apk. First, we should know about FRP. FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection.   

All android devices have FRP which is enabled when you log in to the Gmail account, some of you even didn’t know about it. Because it was in the system and if you log in to any Google app, it simply connects it to your device and registers your device, to your Gmail account.

After registering your device, it gives you access to its settings. If you want to reset your device, then do that simply. Thereafter, enter the account details like email and password. And use your device as a new.

In a way, FRP is a great thing to protect your android device but sometimes, it makes your android useless. What if you forget your email or password you can’t access it? Or what if you buy an android device from the second person and you didn’t have Gmail or a password?  

There are many apps that offer FRP bypass, but there are different problems with them. Usually, they offer these kinds of apps for paid. If they offer it for free, it didn’t work. There are many other issues, but not with this.

Flasherwarez is a free application and no need to subscribe. It works on many devices, especially on Samsung devices. Here I am going to share some of the android smartphones’ names which it works well.

  • Samsung
  • Huawei  
  • Q Mobile

There can be other smartphones that can work, but you have to try it. As you know that it’s a third-party product, so we personally never guarantee this app.

Flasherwarez Apk Info

Package Namecom.google.android.gmt
Size28.47 MB
Required Android4.2 and Above
Is it Legal to use?

As you know it is a bypass tool, not a hacking application, therefore it is legal to use. You shouldn’t worry that you are not doing something illegal. Unless you are using it to unlock your own device, don’t use Flasherwarez for illegal activities.


There are some of its features that I found more interesting, but you can share your experience in the comment section.  

  • It is free to download here
  • It is free to use
  • It is safe in use
  • Easy to bypass FRP in most of the Android phones
Is it safe to use?

As a personal experience, it is safe to use. It is a third-party app, so we don’t take any personal guarantee of this app. But the developers say it is safe in use.

How to download Flasherwarez Apk?

As you know, it developed by a third-party, so you don’t find this on the app store, or any other site. Therefore, we are giving you the downloading link, you just need to click on that link and wait for a few seconds.

How to bypass FRP using Flasherwarez?

After downloading this Apk file, you need to follow these steps to bypass FR

  • First, you need a laptop, computer, or a USB drive to complete these steps.
  • After downloading the Apk file on your laptop or computer.
  • You need to connect your android device with a laptop or computer
  • (You have to connect it through OTG cable)
  • Copy the Apk file from the laptop or computer
  • Past it in android
  • Install the Apk file

After complete installation, you should get access to your android device.


Flasherwarez Apk is a useful application for bypass FRP. Use it for a legal purpose, don’t use it in a negative way which may put you in trouble.

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