What is Less is More FF Event 2021?

Garena Free Fire has announced an amazing event for its players. It is going to help the users in buying the Diamonds at a very discounted price. If you are interested in buying Diamonds for your Free Fire account then this is the time you should be performing the purchase. Less is More FF is the event offered.

Every online game offers two currencies and the common currency in every game you get is the coin. Along with that, you get a premium currency like you have to buy UC in PUNG Mobile and similarly you get Diamond in Free Fire. This recent offer is all about buying Diamond for your account and you will learn more about it in the next section.

What is Less is More FF Event? 

Less is More FF Event is the most recent service offered by the developers for the players.  It will be providing great discount offers on the purchasing of Diamond from the store. This is a one-time offer for the players and if you were planning to buy the currency then this is the perfect time to do so.

There are a number of things you can do when you have Diamond currency. The game offers a number of premium items like Skins for the characters, Skins for the Weapons, and vehicles. Every player wants to buy these items as soon as they are offered. But in order to get on with the purchasing, it is very impotent to have the required amount of Diamond.

Many players who cannot buy the currency, turn to the usage of free alternatives. Now the game is very famous among users and there are tons of free alternatives that will help the users in getting the Diamonds without having to go through any kind of purchasing. These are the hacking applications for FF.

Now there may be apps that might provide the currency without any purchasing. But the users should keep in mind that the usage of such apps is illegal. The official developers can oppose the ban against the players anytime. The ban can be permanent or it can be opposed for specific periods.

If you are a player with limited resources to buy the premium services is specially meant for you. As we have mentioned it will offer an opportunity to buy diamonds at a less price. The 520 Diamond will be now available at multiple discounted prices. This is an amazing opportunity that you should grab.

The players would be confused about how the discount prices will be offered. This is a pretty simple yet very thoughtful way. The discounts will be given according to the number of Diamonds you have in your account. For example, If you have zero to 99 diamonds, then you are going to get the highest discount.

Discount Offers:

·        0-49 remaining diamonds: Rs 160

·        50-149 remaining diamonds: Rs 250

·        150-299 remaining diamonds: Rs 300

·        More than 299 remaining diamonds: Rs 400

You will find multiple lowered prices in the event and you will be able to make the payments instantly. If you are still looking for apps that can provide free currency then you should try 2048 Cube Winner and Top 3 Apps That Allow You to Unlock All Free Fire Skins.

When is the Event Less is More FF 2021?

It is going to be held for three days and the starting date is going to be 27 July. The event will end on 31 July, so you have to avail of the offers within the availability date. You should also keep in mind that the offer can be availed only once.

To get to the offer, you have to visit the Diamond purchasing store first. There will find a specific tab named the Event Less is More FF. You have to get that and look for the offer you can avail. You have to select your payment method and get on with the further procedure.


Now we have mentioned multiple times above that it is offered officially Free Fire. You will be able to see the event’s status in your lobby easily. We have reached the end of this review and hope that this review has helped you in understanding everything regarding the Event.

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