Pingru Apk for Android Free Download [New Insta Tool]

Instagram users have to face a lot of restrictions during their usage. A lot of users would be okay with these restrictions. But there are many who want to remove these restrictions. If you are interested in removing these restrictions, Pingru Apk can be very helpful in this situation.

This online tool is going to help users in doing a lot of things. There are a lot of things that are not possible on the official app. That is why we are offering this tool to the interested users. There is proper information about the features of this tool and much more to know for the readers in this article.

What is Pingru Apk?

Pingru Apk is a very useful tool for Instagram users. This application is going to help in performing a number of tasks. These tasks are considered not possible on the official application. All the users are required to start by logging into an Insta account. The login method is going to be the same as the official.

The interface of this application is going to be the same as Insta. But here users will be able to enjoy some added options. These are going to be very fun to use for everyone. As mentioned in the very beginning, there are a number of restrictions opposed by the official platform, which users can overcome now.

Everyone would clearly know that the official platform does not allow viewing the Profile pictures. There is no option of enlarging the pictures for a proper look. But now that problem will end forever. This app will help in viewing the pictures with high quality. The photos can be enlarged with a single tap.

There is another very option in this area for the user. Pingru App is going to let the user download the picture to phone storage. The pictures can be saved with the highest quality possible. People will surely have a lot of fun with this feature. Although people should respect the privacy of other users.

Getting the follower’s information is one of the important things. Now generally it is quite hard to know who is following and who is not. This tool is going to make that very easy for you. It will provide a proper list of accounts that do not follow the profile. There will be much more detailed information here.

Downloading the posts will be an easy task for the users here. Pingru Android is going to provide a save icon at the top right of the screen. The user is simply required to tap one of that icons. The download process will start automatically. The photos or videos will be instantly visible in the phone gallery.

Before anyone gets to use the application, it is important to know that it is not an official app. There are no official affiliations with Instagram. The usage of this tool can result in multiple outcomes for which the user is solely responsible. Here are some more options to try namely Honista and Whozi.

App Details

Size3.60 MB
Android Required4.1 and Higher


How to Download the Apk file?

You can get the Pingru Download file easily from our site. You just have to tap once on the download button and there are multiple buttons given in the article. Your Downloading will automatically start after that.

You have to be patient for 10 seconds because the download processor takes that much time normally to prepare the file for downloading. The shared file here will be completely safe to install on your device.

After downloading the Apk, you have to follow some simple installation steps. You have to go to your Phone Settings>security settings and grant access for installation from unknown sources. After this locate the downloaded file and tap on it. Now simply follow the installer instructions.

Key Features

  • The Apk file is completely free to get.
  • It contains in-app optional purchases.
  • Account sign-in will be mandatory here.
  • It does not run third-party ads.
  • Download and view photos in high quality.
  • Runs smoothly on low-end devices.
  • Get the follower’s information.
  • Simple user interface.
  • The photos and videos are saved automatically to storage.
  • Many moreā€¦
Final Words

 Now interested users can start the Pingru Apk download. The process is going to be very smooth and error-free. The download process will start automatically after a single tap on the given buttons.

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