Remote 1 Apk Free For Android Download(FRP Bypass 2022)

It is a very common thing that you have to enter an email address whenever you buy a new android device. It is needed to access the features of the device and also you cannot access the Google play services. What if you forget the email details. So we are offering you a solution known as Remote 1 Apk.

This is an FRP tool that is going to help you bypassing all of the security protocols over your phone. Now FRP is Factory Reset Protection and whenever you try to reset your phone, you have to provide the required details. If you don’t remember the details then it was a problem before the Factory reset apps.

Now you can bypass the security system easily and there are many more ways to do it. we are going to provide the simplest way of doing that and here you don’t have to pay anything at all. If you go to a shop for repairing them, then they are going to cost you a lot but here you don’t have to pay anything at all.


Remote 1 app is a free android application that you can use to bypass all of the protection over your android device. It is very necessary to go through the exact procedure because if you apply the wrong procedure then it may create trouble.

There are multiple types of settings on the phone and each one performs different tasks. We recommend that you go through the proper settings and to enhance that user experience the developers have added many features.

You can easily meet all of your requirements once you start using the available features. You don’t have to do much because most of the process is automatic and the users will easily facilitate themselves.

Remote 1 FRP is a really great application because it is going to help in unlocking all of the phones, no matter what company. It is compatible with many types of mobile phones, so it can be used universally.

As I said that following the necessary steps is very important and the app will also provide information about the app is starting. So there are many scenarios in which you are going to require an FRP application like You forget the Email address, you can’t access the settings, and so on.

You can find the solution to all your problems in this very application. now there can be many ways of using the app on your device because sometimes you have complete access and sometimes you don’t.

So you can simply download the apk file to your PC or any other device and then copy the apk file then install it. You can simply access the browser of your phone and download the Apk from this site. you can then install remote 1 For Android and start your procedure.

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App Details

NameRemote 1
Size28.49 MB
Android Required 2.3 and Above

Key Features

  • Free to use and download.
  • Simple User interface.
  • Automated process.
  • Guaranteed bypass.
  • Remove play services protection.
  • Works on the latest Android Devices.
  • Many more…


How to Download the Remote 1 Apk?

You can get the Apk file from our site easily. You have to simply tap once on the download button and your downloading will automatically start after that but you might have to wait for 5 to 10 seconds after tapping because the processor takes that much time to prepare the file.

The given buttons are single tap download buttons, so do not tap multiple times because that will start multiple downloads at the same time.

For installing the Apk file, you have to go to the Phone Settings Security and allow installation from unknown sources. After that simply locate the apk and start the installation process.


The user who is facing issues in bypassing their phone protection can try the Remote 1 Apk because it is offering you the simplest procedures of doing that.

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