SIKEP Mahkamah Agung Apk Free Download for Android

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Covid has affected countries worldwide and there are many countries that are still struggling with the situation. The government departments are also struggling in performing the activities. Today we are here with an application callled SIKEP Mahkamah Agung Apk. It is created especially for Android users.

 This application is created for the officials of the Indonesian Supreme court. The covid situation has resulted in lockdowns worldwide. Public services were closed and that was creating trouble. Now, this platform is going to help the government in regulating Public services again. There is further information about the app in the next sections.

What is SIKEP Mahkamah Agung Apk?

SIKEP Mahkamah Agung Apk is an online platform that is going to help government officials in regulating Public services. The platform is offered by the Supreme Court of Indonesia and it is only meant for the court employees. Court services will be regulated without any stoppage with the help of this application.

It is offering a registration method that is mandatory for every court official to go through. The registration process is pretty simple and it just requires some simple information. You have to provide the NIP/NRP number and the password provided to you. This is all you have to do and you will be able to get to the main interface.

The SIKEP Mahkamah Agung App is offering multiple features for the official, which will make the usage easier for them.  Every individual can record their attendance on a daily basis. This is going to be a good feature because the officials do not have to face any pay cuts due to unmarked attendance. There are many more features and services users can enjoy.

The main interface of the application is very simple to use. There are multiple tabs for the user’s better experience. The tabs will provide a proper work environment where they can easily perform their duties. The tabs will be providing different matters and situation which the officials have to deal with.

If you have any doubts regarding the tabs and other features, you can easily visit the support tab. There you will be assisted by the developer’s team and they will look after the problems you are facing while usage.

You have to keep in mind that the registration on SIKEP Apk and login is mandatory. You won’t be able to access the main interface without login. The above-mentioned login details will be provided to you by your respective department.

This app is providing great services for the users and we have a similar application on our site. These apps will be providing assistance regarding the government services. You should try the Siwaslu 2020 Apk and Highway Sathi App.

Is it Safe to Use?

We have mentioned in the very beginning that this platform is officially offered by the Supreme court of Indonesia. There is no security risk for the users and the users can avail the services without any restrictions.

The SIKEP Mahkamah Agung Android has a web version available as well and you can avail of the same services. This is going to be a safe user experience and the developers are giving you the guarantee of your safety.

App Details

NameSIKEP Mahkamah Agung
Size10.63 MB
DeveloperFirmanok Dev
Package Namecom.wSIKEP
Android Required4.1 and Higher


How to Download the Apk?

The SIKEP Mahkamah Agung Download file from our site easily, you just have to tap once on the download button. Your downloading will automatically start after 5 to 10 seconds. you have to wait for that long because the server normally takes that much time normally to prepare your file.

You have to install the Apk first and after installing do not open it. Now you have to move the OBB file to the games data folder in the Phone storage>Android folder. Once you have moved the file, you can start the application.

Key Features

  • Free to Download and Use.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Official app by Supreme Court.
  • No Third-party Ads Supported.
  • Registration is mandatory.
  • Multiple Services.
  • User Support Services.
  • Many more…
Final Words

The SIKEP Mahkamah Agung Apk is offering the users high-end services to regulate the court services. There are many features for the users to make the usage easier.

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