Walter Black APK for PUBG 2022 Download for Android (v0.18.0)

Hey guys! We are here with an app that will help you to become a Professional player for the Elite Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile and the application is called Walter black Apk for PUBG. This is a hack for the official game and is offering more than one hack.

We do not recommend the use of such but because PUBG has become very famous there are tons of developers who try to create different Mods for the game and there are people who like such mods.

People encourage the use of such apps because they are not able to do well in the game and stay up to the last moments or win a game.


 Now PUBG Mobile is a very intense game, you have to survive against 99 other live players and the gameplay time is 30 minutes approx. if you are the last person standing. So in the list of 99 live players there some players who are very good at the game.

If you want to survive against them either you have to be very good as well or use hacks like this one. Mostly, the users use the mods for unlimited money in the game so they can buy the premium skins for their character, weapons, and vehicles.

The latest skins keep your interest in the game and you do not get bored of the same old look. But this app is offering something way beyond that which will change your gameplay entirely.

I will give a list of the hacks that this Hacking app is providing and also why are these hacks used. Here is the list of the Hacks:

  • Extra Sensory Perception (ESP): This is the most known hack for PUBG. Using this you will see the location of every player in the game. You can see that on the map and for future help there will be lines on your screen each for one player’s exact location.
  • Aimbot: As we can tell from the name this hack is about your weapons aiming in the game. Using this you will be able to aim easily at your target and kill them by headshots.
  • Recoil: This will help you to control the recoil of the weapon. This will either finish the recoil of the gun or reduce it to the lowest.
  • Wall hack: This hack will make you able to see through walls. The players hiding behind the walls will be visible to you.
  • Magic bullets: This hack will help you to kill your opponent by random firing and without aiming at them. Your bullets will give damage to your opponents without any effort.

App Details

Name Walter Black for PUBG
Size48.4 MB
Version v0.18.0
Package Name com.tencent.ig
Android Required6.0 and above

Screenshots of Walter Black Apk For PUBG

Is it legal to use?

This is not an official app for the game. This is a third-party app and is not legal to use.

Is it safe to use?

For using this Mod your game account can be banned because sometimes the official developers find your activities suspicious or some other player can report you for using hacks. Still, there are so many people who use this app at their own risk.

How to Download Walter Black Apk?

As this is a third-party app so it won’t be available on the Google Apps Store but you can download the Apk from the given link below.

How to Install Walter Black Apk?

Now before installing the Apk, there are some necessary steps that you have to complete first. There are some files that are required to be renamed. The steps are written below and you have to follow them as told:

  • In the first step, go to your file manager from there to phone storage> OBB> com.tencent.ig and rename this to “com.tencent.ig1.
  • Second step, go to Android>Data>com.tencent.ig and rename it to com.tencent.ig2.
  • The third step, uninstall the original version of the game.
  • In the fourth step, install the downloaded Apk.

Your game will be ready to use.


This is the hack that is being used by many users and if you want to be a pro player you can use this mod but still, there is a risk of your account getting banned for years according to the policy of the official game.

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